Clark County Gymnasts Look to Follow Jordan Chiles' Lead

Naydenov Gymnastics slowly fills on this rainy afternoon with young girls with Olympic dreams. They surround a girl already living out their dream life. Jordan Chiles is the first international-level female gymnast to come from the Pacific Northwest in a generation. The 16-year-old Prairie High junior became eligible for the US senior national team this April, and already Chiles has won an all-around silver medal at the 2017 US national championships in August and was a world team alternate.

McKenna McKee - Diabetes Doesn't Slow Down Junior Cyclist

McKenna McKee sits in her chair, shaded by the timing stand in the infield of the Alpenrose Velodrome. The 13-year-old just finished a hard workout, and she is debating with her dad Richard and coach, Kirk Whiteman, whether she should do a cool-down ride. A couple other riders train on the velodrome, and they exchange pleasantries with McKenna before heading on their way. This is only McKenna’s first full season at the velodrome, and she already fits in like one of the track veterans. In other

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